Installing DataStax Agents manually

You must install DataStax Agents on every managed node in a cluster. They are necessary to perform most of the functions within DataStax Enterprise (DSE) OpsCenter. Installation is automatic or manual, depending on the deployment tool.

Using OpsCenter to add a new cluster offers a choice of automatically or manually installing agents.

After adding a cluster, OpsCenter determines whether DataStax Agents are already properly installed and configured. If they are not, OpsCenter prompts you to check the status of the DataStax Agents and install them from the Agents tab.

Use the DataStax Agents Status View to see what is already installed as well as to review the status of the DataStax Agents that you are currently installing.


  • OpsCenter must be installed.

  • Root or sudo access to the machines where you installed the DataStax Agents.

  • JMX connectivity is enabled on each node in the cluster.

  • Either you configured the SSH port, or accepted the default SSH port (22) for node-Agent communication.

  • DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.9. Check DSE OpsCenter compatibility with DSE.

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