QuickStart Installation

Install DataStax Enterprise and DataStax Studio.


  1. Install DataStax Enterprise.

  2. Start DataStax Enterprise with DataStax Graph and DSE Search enabled. DSE Search enables search index use in the examples below.

  3. Start either DataStax Studio or Gremlin console:

    1. Install DataStax Studio and start Studio.

    2. Start the Gremlin console. If DataStax Graph was installed as a package, run the command. If installed from a tarball, run from the <install_directory>/bin.

      dse gremlin-console
               (o o)
      plugin activated: tinkerpop.server
      plugin activated: tinkerpop.tinkergraph

      Gremlin console sends all commands typed at the prompt to the Gremlin Server that will process the commands. To exit the Gremlin console, use :exit.

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